4-H Enrollment

Instructions for 4-H Youth and Adult Volunteers

To become a member follow these steps:

Go to secure log in page

1.      Click on “I need to setup a profile

2.      Click on Santa Clara County from drop down menu

3.      Enter email address and last name.

4.      Create a password

5.      Your Role is “Family”

6.      Click on “Create Login


You created a “Family” profile. After you are logged in, you will be able to add new family members (Youth and Adults), enter their personal information and add projects. Just follow the instructions to complete the enrollment process.

Read and Print Forms

You will be asked to read, check mark and print the documents that must be turned in to your Club Leader/Enrollment Chair. Print the following documents and bring these two completed forms with either a check made out to Westwind 4-H, or cash for $20.00 when you come to orientation day:

  1. Medical ReleaseForm (youth and adults)
  2. Volunteer Confidential Self-disclosure Form (adults)

Enrollment Confirmation

Upon receipt of the enrollment documents and payment from the Club Leader/Enrollment Chair the 4-H Office will confirm and approve your enrollment.

Westwind 4-H Liability Release Form

All forms need to be signed by a parent or guardian for student volunteers under 18 years of age.   Westwind 4-H Liability Release (pdf)


Westwind 4-H Liability Release (pdf)

Adults must complete the following steps before serving in the 4-H Youth Development Program:

  1. Submitting their fingerprints for clearance and
  2. Completing the 4-H Volunteer Orientation

Adults who want to volunteer need to complete additional training and 4-H safety protocols. Learn more about this at volunteer orientation.

Anyone involved in the 4-H become members or leaders depending on age. 4-H does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, mental or physical handicap, or age in any of its programs or activities.