Frequently Asked Questions by Volunteers

What do the four “Hs” stand for in the 4-H clover emblem?

According to the official site, the four Hs stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Visit the site and learn more about the history of the 4-H.

My school requires community service volunteering. Do you provide community service credits?

Absolutely. Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of students from local schools fulfill community service requirements at Westwind 4-H. Please bring your form at the end of the session to have it verified and signed by one of our sponsors. Many students find it a rewarding experience to get to know and help our riders, other volunteers, and sponsors, and learn to work around horses.

How can I get a Westwind 4-H t-shirt?

Westwind t-shirts are available for purchase periodically throughout the session. Let one of the volunteer organizers know you are interested.

What if I can’t make it to orientation?

If you can’t make the orientation, please contact Nancy Couperus by contacting us. We may be able to arrange an on-site orientation/training for you.  However, we strongly recommend attending the regularly scheduled training/orientation, which occur before each riding session.

Can I help without becoming a member of the 4-H?

Yes, on occasion we have non-program projects. Contact Nancy Couperus by contacting us for more information, or call and leave a message.

What should I wear to the program?

Jeans, or even shorts during hot weather are fine. For your safety, please wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes.

Who takes care of the horses on non-program days?

We have a dozen long-term 4-H program volunteers who are sponsors and share responsibilities for facility maintenance, feeding, exercising, and loving care for the horses.

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